Video Wednesday Norwegian Easter – Påske

In this video, you’ll learn all about Easter in Norway and how it’s celebrated, from food to decorations, while building your Norwegian vocabulary.

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One thought on “Video Wednesday Norwegian Easter – Påske

  • April 12, 2017 at 7:28 pm

    Most of these items are true in the USA. Even putting the word for the holiday (Easter, Christmas, etc) in front of other nouns such as Easter traffic. Same is true for the Easter bunny and candy-stuffed egg hunting in the yard. One local church is trying to top all the others by advertising 30,000 eggs dropped from a helicopter. So….Do you have your broom outside the door and are you paying attention to Easter crime fiction show on the TV/radio/magazines/newspapers? I liked this video because she speaks clearly, and the English translation is listed below the Norwegian subtitles. If I really tried, I could probably learn Norwegian by watching these. On the other hand, I am very grateful that most Norwegians speak English!


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